Founded on October 09, aiming to operate the Public Terminal Alcohol, headquartered in Port of Paranaguá, Paraná, is the first public terminal Alcohol Brazil. Operation Alcohol Paraná Port Terminal S / A means greater competitiveness to Paraná product. Thus the company is increasingly investing in training its professionals and expertise in this type of operation.

Concerned about the safety of its operations the company has developed a series of programs, studies and strategies to optimize, modernize and provide better security operations conducted in public terminal. These actions occur in an integrated manner with the APPA - Port Administration of Paranaguá and Antonina


"Expanding the ethanol market, with appropriate technology and quality in service, to the satisfaction of customers, shareholders and employees, respecting the health, safety and the environment."

Integrated Management Policy

The Alcohol Paraná recognizes that the expansion of Paraná ethanol market is associated with the continuous improvement of its processes and products, care for the environment, ensuring health, safety and motivation of its employees and the satisfaction of customers and shareholders. So your policy is committed to:

• The compliance with the requirements of quality, environment, "health and safety" and commitment to continuous improvement;
• The ongoing search for best practices in storage and movement of ethanol;
• The development and continuous training of its employees;
• The use of modern technologies and complete infrastructure to reduce waste and prevent pollution;
• The commitment of employees and third parties on pollution prevention of occupational accidents and diseases;
• Compliance with environmental laws, "health and safety", and standards organization;

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