Enrollment in rural environmental registration has begun.

Farmers across the country can now enroll their property in the Rural Environmental Registry (CAR), giving birth, including the settlement of environmental liabilities in their areas, according to Decree 8,235, published last Monday, June 5, extra edition of the Official Gazette (DOU).

The standard regulates complement the Environmental Adjustment Program (PRA) rules, which allow adjustment of contingent liabilities of the farms, from the accession to the PRA.

According to Asplan , the next step is to wait for the Instruction of the Ministry of Environment should still be published this week , with details about the process of registration of rural properties in the Rural Environmental Registry ( CAR ) . " This is the first step to joining the PRA , for producers with outstanding areas of environmental regulation . Enrollment in the CAR and adherence to PRA are contained in the new Forest Code ( Law 12.651/12 ) . Thus , producers sign a statement of commitment to regularize these liabilities recovery, restoration , compensation or regeneration of native areas, "says the president of the Association of Sugar Cane Growers of Paraíba ( Asplan ) , Murilo Paradise.

After the publication of the Instruction, the producers will have two years - one year extendable for equal period - to register their properties , stating the areas subject to regularization . Regardless of whether or not environmental liabilities, everyone should do the registration , through the National Rural Environmental Registry System ( SICAR ) . " For purposes of settlement , from certain conditions may be summed Areas of Permanent Preservation ( APPs ) and legal reserve areas .

The regulation does not , in addition result in fines and penalties , prevents access to bank financing , among other penalties . The regularization of liability applies to the PPAs , including: the margins of rivers and springs hilltops, as well as the legal reserve areas and areas of restricted use , "he says .


Rapporteur includes correction of the IR table in the tax exemption MP for importing alcohol.

Senator Eunicio Oliveira (PMDB-EC) recently presented its report to the joint committee that analyzes the Provisional 634/2013 Measure, the text of which exempts alcohol importers from payment of PIS / Pasep-Import and COFINS-Import 2016.

Failing this, the importers will be required to pay these taxes in accordance with the product volume traded. Today, importers may opt for taxation under the revenue or unit volume of alcohol.

The meeting was adjourned after request for public view. The vote was scheduled for next Tuesday (13) at 10am.

The rapporteur has accepted 11 of the 79 amendments tabled by deputies and senators . Eunicio included in the text the correction of the Income Tax of Individuals ( PIT ) provided the Provisional table 644/2014 , which came to Congress last Friday ( 2 ) and was announced by President Dilma Rousseff on national television the Day Labour ( May 1 ) . The percentage of correctness of the table is 4.5 % .

The fix is below the rate of inflation projected for this year , which is only 6.1% according to the latest expectations revealed by financial market operators and captured by Focus report , the Central Bank. The new table , which takes effect from 2015 , who receive per month to R $ 1,868.22 shall be exempt from taxation.
- Imagine arriving here [ Provisional Measure 644 ] , it is not approved and the measure falls , how it is ? - Questioned the senator.

According Eunicio Oliveira , the suggestion to incorporate the changing table to the text of MP 634/2013 came from the Ministry of Finance itself . The MP 634 was issued by the government in December last year and is valid until June 2 .


Sudden increase in sugar consumption in the Philippines will be investigated

The Sugar Regulatory Administration of the Philippines, is closely monitoring the sudden increase in sugar consumption in the country, according to the Philippine Information Agency.

The increase, according to experts, is attributed to the intense heat brought by the summer season, thus increasing the consumption of soft drinks and the like.

Given the unusual increase the regulatory company in the country will make new projections for consumption and production.

In addition, the Department of Agriculture also issued a note that you want to manage your domestic supply, thus ensuring a stable volume of sugar by the end of August.


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