Our Structure

The Public Alcohol Terminal is located in Wood Village, an area of ​​32 000 m². Beside there is another area with 33 000 m² for expansion and construction of new tanks. The terminal is connected to the public pier via pipelines installed parallel lines of other companies operating in the pier net of Paranaguá.

The handset is installed with 7 service tanks with capacity of 5,375 m³, representing a total capacity to store 37,500 cubic meters of alcohol and a tank with the same capacity water tank.

Equipped with 11 pumps of which 4 are for the unloading of alcohol via railroad, 4 intended for road transportation and the other three to send alcohol to the ship docked at the pier.

The railroad allows operation of 40 wagons simultaneously with flow of 100 m³ / hour through 4 pumps and highway mode allows operation of up to 8 trucks simultaneously through.

Tanks to the ship flow capacity of 450 m³ / hour. Considering this, the terminal is able to operate with 17 billion cubic meters of alcohol daily.

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